Detroit man helps rescue victims of fiery car crash on 8 Mile

A Detroit man decides to help put out the flames  -- risking his own life to rescue the victims.

"It seemed like there’s about maybe about five to 10 trying to get somebody out, but it was fully ablaze," said Mister Jackson.

That’s what Jackson says he saw in the immediate aftermath of a crash on Eight Mile near Northland Drive this past weekend. He was driving home when he came across the chaos and says he jumped into action.

"All I could do was maybe go run, and get a fire extinguisher," he said. "So I went to the quickest gas station I could find and when I got to the gas station I asked the owner could I see the fire extinguisher. I got that and I shot back across the street to where it was at, and I started putting it out."

Southfield police say it all happened around 11:30 p.m. Saturday with one of two cars catching fire after they crashed. Officers say the burning car had two people inside.

Jackson says others on scene pulled at least one victim out while he continued to douse the flames.

"I really wasn’t thinking," he said. "I was focused on the situation. All I heard was one person yell like, ‘Just leave them alone. It’s too late it’s too late' before I had hit them with a fire extinguisher. But I went ahead and I did it anyways. I gave them a fighting chance because if that was my son or daughter, or anybody, I’d want them to do the same with me."

"Literally as soon as I put him out he tried to gasp for air. Somebody yelled 'Now he’s breathing! Now he’s breathing!’ And they started screaming like screams of joy.'"

Jackson says he would help all over again if he could.

"I’ve helped before at an accident before, but nothing to that extent," he said. "It’s my natural instinct to always help because like I said if it was me I’d want somebody to do the same."

Police say the victims were rushed to the hospital and listed in critical condition as of that night.  The driver of the other car was injured and placed in stable condition.

Southfield police have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to update us on the victims and the investigation.

Mister Jackson Inset: The car crash scene he helped at.

Mister Jackson Inset: The car crash scene he helped at.