Detroit Means Business offers support hub locations to assist entrepreneurs

The challenges of owning a small business can be enormous for some entrepreneurs.

"We’ve experienced our own share of challenges and pain," said Nessa Bandele entrepreneur of Paradise Natural Foods. "And we have experienced firsthand the importance of having the right support and resources."

But when entrepreneurs have a support system or a village to help, success becomes a reality.

Detroit Means Business says currently less than 10% of residents are aware of small business resources available in the city. And they say, that’s why the City of Detroit wants to make sure small business entrepreneurs know how to access help.

"What if we had hubs and those businesses were supported in their neighborhood every single day," Mayor Mike Duggan said.

On Monday Detroit Means Business and Duggan announced plans for 25 small business support hubs. There will be at least one hub in every Detroit City Council district.

"The first one actually is going to open at the Northwest Activities Center in May," Duggan said.

Another hub will be at this space called BUILD Institute located in The Corner Ballpark.

"At BUILD Institute or about inspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams, and grow their businesses," said Regina Ann Campbell.

These support hubs are grant-supported.

"Governor Whitmer and state of Michigan MEDC came through with a $3.4 million grant to open 25 hubs," Duggan said.

It’s an investment many believe will add to the vitality of the small business scene in Detroit

"You can walk into your Detroit Means Business Hub and say here’s my business, here are my needs, here’s my idea for expansion, and have that kind of help," Duggan said.

Small businesses in the Motor City can find all sorts of help at these hubs, from coaching to networking opportunities to help not only small entrepreneurs, but those  aspiring, as well.

"It is going to be a great time to open a small business in Detroit and to grow your small businesses in Detroit." Duggan said.

To learn more about these small business support hubs go to Fox 2

"Small businesses are critical pillars of Detroit’s economic foundation," said Dr. Marlo Rencher of Detroit Means Business. "And net drivers for uplifting neighborhoods across the city."

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