Detroit Metro Airport rolls out new screen that reads your flight info to you

Photo courtesy of Delta News Hub

A groundbreaking new technology is now installed at the Detroit Airport, offering an innovative way to see real-time flight and gate information for flyers passing through the Delta terminal. 

Dubbed Parallel Reality, the tech allows up to 100 travelers to view personalized flight information of their trip at the same time. The information available includes the gate and flight number, the destination city, and the departing time. It even shows the direction travelers should go to reach their gate.

The Vice President of Innovation at Misapplied Sciences, the firm behind the new screen said the adopted technology was "incredibly human-centric."

 "We’re not chasing shiny objects; we’re looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier. With PARALLEL REALITY, we saw an opportunity to personalize and simplify what can be a confusing experience – navigating the airport," said Matt Muta.

How it works is when a Delta traveler approaches their screen, they can share their ticket information with the screen. From there, the screen locates the flyer and displays information that only you can see from where you're standing.

It even offers different language options.

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It first debuted at the Consumer Technology Center trade show in 2020.