Detroit middle schoolers tour Ivy League schools

A group of Detroit middle schoolers left Sunday for a road trip to tour Ivy League schools.

Twenty-five students from Detroit's Nolan Elementary will spend the week on the road, travelling east on a bus tour to visit three Ivy League schools. They are scheduled to visit Yale University on Monday, Princeton University on Tuesday, and finish their college tour at Harvard University on Wednesday.

Eighth grade student Daizon Hudson said he wants to go on the trip because he wants to attend one of those schools in the future.

"I want to be a lawyer when I grow up, so that'll be a good experience," he said."

Parent Chanese Hayes said this is a phenomenal experience for the students.

"I was telling my daughter, 'You take pictures and get all the wealth of knowledge you can get going to these colleges because you might not ever be able to do it again,'" she said.

The Nolan Elementary administration and teachers believe the Ivy League tour will offer an educational field trip while also serving as an inspiration for reflecting the academic dedication college life.

"It's an opportunity for them to see premier education and what is out there for them," Veronica Conforme, chanellor of the school said. "We hope this encourages them to work really hard so that they can get there one day."