Detroit mother waits for word on son in Orlando shooting

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A Detroit mother's heartbreak has been felt throughout the country after an emotional interview on TV. She wants to know what every parent connected to the Orlando massacre wanted to know: whether or not her son was alive.

Christine Leinonen knew her son, Christopher, was at Pulse with his boyfriend Juan Guerrero. She knew they left. She hasn't heard from him since.

We do know this: there was one Juan Guerrero's name was on the first list four people who were confirmed to have been killed in the attack. We don't know if that's the same man.

"We haven't heard anything from my son at all. There's bodies left at the club that haven't been identified yet. My son is a good human being. This is so unnecessary," Leinonen said.

Leinonen said she's been waiting outside the hospital since 4 a.m., waiting, hoping, and praying go get information about her son.

"I just want to identify my son. I want to know where he is. If he is alive and in critical condition I want to be by his side," she said.

Family members are sharing the man's photo on social media, hoping someone will recognize him and let them know if he's dead or alive.

The City of Orlando has released names and ages of victims of the nightclub shooting whose next of kin have been contacted. The list will be periodically updated on as those who died are identified and families and loved ones notified. The city gave no additional information other than the names.