Detroit officer accused of asking women for phone numbers to avoid tickets

A Detroit police officer is accused of inappropriate behavior during traffic stops with female drivers.

According to Wayne County investigators, two women filed complaints about 32-year-old Chancellor Searcy.

In July 2018 a 21-year-old from Sterling Heights said Searcy pulled her over on Woodward at Congress and told her to give him her phone number to avoid getting a ticket. She gave him the number, and then she says she repeatedly received unwanted calls and texts from the officer.

Two months later, a 29-year-old Ray Township woman issued a complaint with a similar story. She says she was pulled over by Searcy at Woodward and Jefferson. She claims the officer threatened to send her to jail, impound her car and give her a ticket unless she gave him her phone number. She gave up the number and also says she received unwanted calls and texts.

Searcy is now charged with two counts of misconduct in office - but this is not his first time in trouble with the law as a Detroit police officer.

In 2015 Searcy was charged with embezzlement, larceny, misconduct in office and false report of a felony.

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It was alleged he stole money from people during pat downs. He was also accused of fabricating police reports.

Despite several complaints, Searcy was found not guilty at jury trials and returned to work with the Detroit Police Department.

Searcy will be arraigned Wednesday, July 17 for the misconduct charges. They each carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison.