Detroit officer helps man trying to shave in puddle outside Comerica Park

An act of humanity caught on camera is gaining attention after a Detroit police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help a homeless man shave outside Comerica Park.

The Tigers game was postponed Wednesday due to rain and Officer Jeremy Thomas spotted a man trying to shave in a puddle.

"I just went over there, threw a pair of gloves on, took my water bottle out, dumped it in his cup and tired to help him shave," he said.

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Likely, Officer Thomas, a three-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department, did not learn to do that at the academy. He told us the man, whose name he doesn't know, was given a homeless handout kit that had granola bars, toothpaste, a razor and shaving cream.

"I've encountered this guy multiple times this season. Never gave us any bit of an issue. Always respectful -- yes sir, no sir," Thomas said.

But it was obvious on this day and this man needed some help shaving.

"I said, 'excuse me sir,' and he's like, 'I'm leaving, I'm leaving.' I was like, 'No you don't have to, do you need help?' and he said, "yes sir,' before he could even see who I was," Thomas said.

This good deed may have gone completely unnoticed if it wasn't for Jill Metiva Schafer, who happen to snap a few pictures and post them with the caption "What a great Detroit cop! The game was a rainout, but this officer went way above and beyond to help this man shave."

"He had a smile on, a big smile. He said thank you, God bless and he walked away," Thomas said.

And Officer Thomas walked away, continuing to do good deeds for others in front of Comerica Park.

"There are quite a few (homeless people), some of them seek shelters, some of them don't want shelters. So I don't know if he wanted it or not, but I helped him," he said.