Detroit PAL ballpark opens at corner of Michigan and Trumbull

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If you build it, they will come, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new corner ballpark at Michigan and Trumbull, the home for Detroit PAL. 

“That’s really representive of all the kids going to have a chance the play here, its breaking ground, the thousands of kids and this being their new home and this being a beacon for what should occur for kids in Detroit,” CEO of Detroit Pal Tim Richey said. 

Over 14,000 kids participate in Detroit PAL sports teams and this venue can be a multipurpose field as the organization continues to grow.

“Our goal is to reach 20,000 kids by 2020, this campaign really started with that premise first, and this stadium to be the catalyst for us to do that,” chief advancement officer Russ Russell said.

For the kids who will play here, they weren't even born yet when the old tiger stadium was around but they are excited to play here now.

I’m excited for Detroit Pal, I’m excited for the youth, I’m just excited that we can come here and play ball,” 2018 youth ambassador Lea Caldwell said.

“This just means the world to me, I remember growing up with my friends we would say I’m going to be on Tigers or I’m going to be on the Lions and now to be that much closer to being the real thing is powerful,” 2017 youth ambassador Caidon Haliburton said.

The impact that sports can have in a kid's life; can have a lasting impact in the community as well, and chief James Craig sees it.

“This is a direct impact in fact adults the police officers involved are role models it’s not just about playing a sport but it’s also about understanding what it means to be on a team,” Chief Craig said.

This site so iconic for so many different reasons, Tigers winning the World Series in 1984, Babe Ruth hits his 700th home run, Nelson Mandela spoke here, Joe Lewis defended his heavy weight boxing championship here and the Detroit Lions played here also. 

"It’s always a joy for me coming up to Detroit since 1967, anything I can do down here for youth and kids I‘m going to run backwards to do it,” Pro Football Hall of Famer Lem Barney said.