Detroit Pistons refurbish parks, basketball courts throughout the city

The Detroit Pistons have completed the first project after pledging to refurbish parks and revitalize basketball courts throughout the city of Detroit.    

Northwestern High School Basketball players have a brand new basketball court in Littlefield Park on Detroit's west side. The Pistons and the city unveiled the new court on Friday morning.

"We moved downtown a year ago we're starting our second season and we're really excited to be in Detroit. But it wasn't just about playing basketball games at Little Caesars Arena. When we made our move, it was about being all-in on Detroit and being part of Detroit," said Detroit Pistons Vice Chairman Arn Tellem.

And this is just the beginning of a six year, $2.5 million project. All together, 60 basketball courts will be renovated and refurbished

"It really made me smile for real when i heard 60, because that means everyone gets," said Dominique Fuller.

And while there will be plenty of pick- up games on the courts, there will also be sports clinics and youth programs. Former Detroit Pistons player Earl Cureton plans to get involved.

"I grew up here in the city ... We always had playgrounds to go to," he said.