Detroit police bust $600K marijuana operation, make 2 arrests

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Detroit police had a huge marijuana bust, worth about $600,000 Friday.

Inside the building located on Cloverdale, there were several rooms full of marijuana plants in different growth stages as part of the illegal grow operation, found on the city's west side.

"Operations like this are what are used to fuel the medical marijuana industry," said Lt. Jonathan Parnell, Detroit police. "And there's certain protocols that are in place, that have been regulated by the state of Michigan, this location does not fall into that."

Two people are in custody, accused of going to great lengths to cover up the smell, and fraudulently power the warehouse.

"The ground was dug up and there's a water main pipe that leads into this warehouse, and water is being used a commercial irrigation system," said Parnell.

The growers stole water from the city, along with more than $20,000 worth of electricity per month to owering commercial fans and specialized lights.

"This is not authorized or regulated by DTE," Parnell said. "So it's possibly not up to code, and with that being said, it could've caused a fatality."

Police aren't sure yet how long the grow operation was there, or where exactly the weed was going. It went unnoticed as long as it did because of where it was at.

"You're looking at a pretty industrial area, it's not highly populated," Parnell said. "There are some other abandoned locations near this spot."

It was only discovered because of a special police unit investigating graffiti painted on the side of the building earlier this week.

"(It was) based on them following up on an industrial street," Parnell said. "That investigation led to this. So it's just good old fashioned police work."

Police believe there could be more people associated with the grow operation, and appreciate any tips.