Detroit police, citizens to work on stronger bond following Baton Rouge shooting

The latest police shooting Saturday in Louisiana has officers everywhere on high alert.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke at the DPD's 12 Precinct on the Baton Rouge shooting Saturday that left three officers dead and three injured.

"If we're going to have meaningful dialogue in this country, we really need to take race out of it," Craig said. "I'm not sitting here telling you that every police officer does it the right way each and every time. If a black officer is involved in an officer-involved shooting and it's a bad shooting, it may or may not get any coverage. But yet if it's a white officer and the person being shot is black, then it becomes not a local news story, but a national news story."

Craig said he sends his heartfelt condolences to the state of Louisiana, and that an attack on a police officer is an attack on America.

In terms of taking more safety measures in Detroit, he said he's telling all his officers to be vigilant.

At the same time, Craig said he feels there is a strong community of support in Detroit, and the city has not seen the same source of tension between officers and the community.

To improve those relationships even more, the chief is working with the Detroit-based civil rights organization National Action Network to form a stronger unity and hold a rally in solidarity.

"Several weeks ago I met with Rev. Williams of National Action Network," Craig said. "We've had great dialogue in the past. We have not always agreed but certainly the fact that we are talking -- there is some common ground. He has agreed that in light of what just happened today, he wants to initiate, organize a rally in support of our police officers and I'm excited that he's doing that and we're going to join him in that effort."

A date for the rally has not yet been set.