Detroit police deliver holiday cheer to families in need for Sgt Santa event

A special surprise for Maria Eddins and her children as Detroit Police Chief James Craig transformed into Chief Kringle.
Detroit police partnered with WWJ News Radio 950 spreading holiday cheer during the annual Sgt. Santa event Thursday.

"We collect toys, clothing, things that some families need in the city of Detroit," said Jackie Page, WWJ 950.

Deserving selected families in every precinct received toys and gifts delivered by their neighborhood police officers.

One special delivery took place In the Seventh Precinct Maria Eddins is having a hard time this year, she says, is unable to give her kids the Christmas they deserve.

"It was a tremendous surprise," Eddins said. "I had no clue. I was told I was put on a list - I don't know who, but thank you for whoever you are."

Detroit police and Chief Kringle also made surprise deliveries to families in the 3rd and 10th precincts.

"There's a lot of good going on in the city of Detroit," Paige said. "And the people that live in the city of Detroit are the best. deserve a really good Christmas."

And for Eddins it's not just a surprise but also a sense of relief and renewed sense of faith in her community.