Detroit police deploy undercover vehicles, helicopter for street racing crackdown

Detroit police are cracking down on street racing and drifting by seizing vehicles.

Police Chief James Craig said officers are dealing with more than 20 dangerous driving incidents a day, and the department is stepping up enforcement to stop them.

"We're averaging somewhere between 20-25 incidents a day where officers are taunted because they're saying, ‘You can't chase us.’ What you can't outrun is our helicopter," Craig said. "This activity, this senseless, irresponsible activity, threatens the safety of our residents, officers, and children in our neighborhood."

Detroit police are seizing vehicles involved in street racing.

Over the weekend, police issued 119 tickets and impounded 20 vehicles. Six of those vehicles are in the process of being seized.

"We're deploying undercover vehicles. You don't know who's behind you. You're going to stop at one point, and when you stop, we're going to arrest you, we're going to take your car," Craig said.