Detroit Police investigate another shooting aimed at officers

Detroit police say they saw a black Buick LeSabre back into another car early Saturday morning, and when they began to chase the car a passenger started firing shots at officers.

Commander Darrell Patterson says. "Getting shot at is an unnerving thing; I've been shot at a few times, so they're all right now. I've talked to both of them, and they just gave me the thumbs up."

Police say after the shots were fired, the suspects' car hit a curb at Davison and Winthrop, and then everyone in the car got out and started running.

An officer then fired one or two shots at the suspect after thinking that the suspect was waving a weapon but did not hit the person, police say. 

Shortly after the suspect ran, a K-9 unit was able to track the suspects' scent near a house on Montrose, police say.

Authorities say they were able to get a search warrant and were negotiating with the people inside of the house who they say were reluctant to come out.

Commander Darin Szilagy says,  "We finally got 8 people out of the house, sometimes one, sometimes two a time who were very reluctant to come out of the house, very suspicious in their nature."

Szilagy says they have a person of interest in custody.

Chief James Craig will be holding a press conference on Monday, March 8, to discuss the recent violence against police officers.