Detroit police investigate huge fight at 7 Mile Secretary of State

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A big fight at a Secretary of State branch was caught on camera. The melee broke out Monday at the branch on Seven Mile near Evergreen in Detroit. Police say the suspects were long gone by the time they arrived.

Secretary of State customers say they've never seen something like this before.

"It's kind of shocking, looking at it," said Freddie Hale. "Seeing something like this at the Secretary of State is unbelievable."

"It's sad to see our young women acting like that," said Angelica Snipes. "That's crazy. It just really hurts me. You're supposed to be in there taking care of business."

It is doing just that on social media -- quickly making the rounds, shared nearly 3,000 times. A spokesman for the Secretary of State declined to comment.

Detroit police says it is getting to the bottom of the brawl.

A woman on Facebook who claims to have been involved in the SOS skirmish says this was the result of a longstanding beef with another young woman who was bullying her.

"Usually you see something like this at the club," said Hale.

Now the woman who says she was involved in the dustup later said in that comment, it was wrong to have gotten into a fight there.

Police say they have been in contact with some of the people involved, but are still sorting out what happened here. the investigation is ongoing.