Detroit Police investigating after woman's body discovered on city's east side

On a day of remembrance, many community members found themselves gathering on an east side neighborhood for a much more gruesome purpose.

This gathering comes after a discovery was made near Canfield Street and Pennsylvania Street -- the body of a female left in the road. Police reported to the scene around 11:30 a.m. Monday morning. 

"She does appear to have trauma to right side of her head but right now we can't say what cause her death is," said Lashanna Potts, a captain with Detroit Police Department.

A team of investigators searched through tall grass for evidence while also talking to residents.

"Currently we're doing a canvassing of the area to see if we can locate any witnesses that can actually determine what happened here," said Commander Charles Mahone, with Detroit Police Department.

As police search for answers, Chantelle Gaddis said she will search for a new way to get to her neighborhood store.

"I used to walk this path sometimes to go to the store," said Chantelle Gaddis, a neighbor. "But I see this is happening, I won't be doing it anymore because it's just too dangerous around here."

While police work to solve the crime, residents are pointing toward a larger issue; the presence of abandoned homes that breed scenes like these. 

"It's bad, they need to tear down building down," said Marcus Youngblood. "Tear all these trees down."

Another resident who didn't want to be identified said this area of abandoned buildings and homes serves as a dumping ground for dead bodies.

"They've been dumping bodies, this is the third body over here," she said, "but I've been complaining about them. They need to tear it down." 

"Anytime you have abandoned homes, it does create problems for us, however citizens, if they do know that this is occurring, make sure they reach out to the City of Detroit and let them know which ones are deemed dangerous and let us know and I'm sure the mayor will get someone out here," said Potts.

But for now, police are calling on the public to help them with the investigation.

"If they saw something, if they know anything, to let us know," Potts said. "We need their help in solving this case, whatever it may be."