Detroit police look for man who shot limo driver to death

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Limousine driver Devin Lowe was shot and killed during the early morning of April 15th outside a gas station at 2971 W. Warren.

A scuffle began between Lowe and the suspect inside the back of the limo - and three witnesses say that's when gunfire followed, which killed Lowe.

"At this point we know he shot and wounded one person and he's fatally shot another person and that's all within a three month time span."

Police have released an image of the suspected killer on camera.

"We know for sure right now, he's shot and wounded one person and he's fatally shot another person," said Sgt. Andrew Guntzviller, Detroit police. "That is all within a three month time span."

Evidence has surfaced from a second shooting

Video from a gas station at Houston Whittier in January of 2015 shows the victim of a robbery walked inside, an argument started between the two outside and more violence came soon after.

"That individual pulled out a handgun chased him down and shot him several times," said Guntzviller. "The lab analysis, the shell casings from that scene as well as the shell casings from our scene on Warren were fired from the same handgun.

The victim in the January shooting survived.

"This is a predatory individual who has no regard for anybody else," Guntzviller said.

Investigators say the alleged gunman has been laying low, but leading up the shooting in April, he spent a lot of time in Greektown likely looking to rob or sell drugs to anyone he could.

There is video of him behind a building in Greektown likely making a drug sell.

"He kind of lurks around casually and chats it up with people and tries to take advantage of people however he can," Guntzviller said.

Up until the shooting death of Devin Lowe, police the gunman spent the evening and weekends in Greektown.

If you know who this man is, give the DPD a call right away at (313) 596-5200.