Detroit police looking for woman possibly groped in Facebook live video

Detroit police are investigating a Facebook live video taken outside a liquor store that appears to show a woman who was possibly intoxicated being sexually assaulted in broad daylight. 

The video was broadcast Saturday outside the Mirage Liquor store on Gratiot Avenue, south of Seven Mile Road. The video has since been deleted, but appears to show a woman being stripped of her clothing and then may have been sexually assaulted.

Owners of the liquor store say a group of men and women in their 20s spent most of Saturday loitering and drinking outside the store before the video was recorded. Detroit police are looking to speak with the woman in the video so they can get a better idea of what happened.

An eye witness, who does not wish to be identified, tells FOX 2 the woman was not sexually assaulted.

"She got out the car to do a little twerking or whatever, but at the end of the day she never got raped," the man told us.

He also says the man and the woman were trying to have consensual sex in public, and that they were egged on by at least five so-called friends who were taking video on their phones.

"One of her friends was like, 'You've got kids at home. Pull your pants up. Don't do that; get out of the street,'" the witness tells us. "If she your friend, if she's intoxicated - pull her pants up."

One woman finally stepped in about seven minutes later, causing a fight. The video on Facebook ended when the fight broke out.

"Her same home girls jumped on her; that's why they called the police," the witness tells us.

Store owners say Detroit Police arrived several hours later when the group was long gone. Police are reviewing the store's surveillance video.

The video was viewed thousands of times online. Police are asking the woman to come in and speak with them.

The video has been sent to detectives in Cyber Crimes Unit as well as the Sex Crimes Unit for investigation.

If anyone is aware of the people seen in the video, or knows the whereabouts of the woman, you're asked to contact DPD immediately. The Sex Crimes phone number is (313) 596-1950.

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.