Detroit police officer brings gifts to struggling family

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Roxanne Ashley-Sweeney is a wife and mother of five who is a student at Wayne County Community College.

She suffers from Schizhoaffective disorder, she lost her job in October and recently found out one of her sons has lead poisoning and autism.

On Friday she had a meltdown and a police unit was dispatched to her house. She told the officer her problems and he gave her encouragement and positive motivation.

Roxanne told that's exactly what she needed at that moment. Little did she know the officer was going to give her a lot more than that.

"I heard a dispatch radio outside and I went to the door and it was the officer and he said 'You're home from the hospital,' I told him yes," she said. "He went back to the car and proceeded to bring out two boxes of toys and brought them to me," she said. "At the moment I was so emotional that I couldn't get out much but thank you.

"I asked him for his name, but he said 'Don't worry about my name, don't worry about anything like that," she said. "He said to take these and tell your kids they are from you and your husband and that you guys are going to have some sort of Christmas this year."

Roxanne says the officer left in such a hurry that she never got his name, but she's hoping he'll see this so he can see her gratitude.

"It was really beautiful," she said. "Wanted to tell him thank you."

Roxanne and her family are calling the gifts a "true Christmas miracle."