Detroit Police Officer killed in violent crash on west side

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A Detroit Police Officer involved in a crash on the city's west side Tuesday morning has died from his injuries, according to Detroit Police Chief James Craig. 

Craig held a news conference at the hospital later that afternoon to identify the officer as Darren Weathers, known as "Lucky." Craig said he's been working about a year and a half on the job. 

Weathers was driving an unmarked car when he was involved in a violent crash at Michigan and Clark around 11:30 a.m. 

Craig says Weathers was alone in the car, but that another member of the department was following behind him and witnessed the accident. She called the accident in. 

Craig says a surveillance training exercise was taking place when the accident happened, but that it's too soon to know what caused the crash. Craig says a second vehicle was somehow involved. Authorities are investigating. 

"From the collision, the force pushed our officer's vehicle into a metal pylon. If you know that area, I guess they have railroad bridges. Certainly, striking that metal pylon at any speed can cause significant damage," Craig said. 

Weathers was in the news just last summer when a video of him playing basketball in the street with some neighborhood kids went viral. 

Weathers was also recognized in December at the Above and Beyond Ceremony held by the Detroit Public Safety Foundation.

Chief Craig also said Weathers was the partner of Detroit Officer Waldis Johnson, who was shot in the head while responding to a domestic violence call several months ago. Johnson is still alive, and Craig credited his survival to Weathers' courageous actions.  

"Certainly, a dark day," Craig said. "There's a lot I'm thinking about right now. It's a very difficult time for the Detroit Police Department. Very difficult. I have the very difficult duty to look in their eyes and keeping them encouraged. So, here we are again today. Tough day."

This is the second death on the Detroit Police force this year. In January, Officer Glenn Doss Jr. died after being shot while responding to a domestic call. Earlier this week, two Detroit police officers and a Detroit Public Schools officer were also shot and injured while responding to a domestic call.

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