Detroit Police Officer under investigation after racist and sexist Snapchat post

The Detroit Police Chief is addressing claims of racism after a video surfaces of a traffic stop. 

Many are calling a Snapchat post published by a Detroit Officer racist and sexist. The cop was eventually demoted from the post, but the Chief is still upset. 

“Not acceptable,” said Chief Craig. “I’m not troubled. I’m not disappointed. I am angry,”

Police say on Tuesday night, Corporal Gary Steel pulled over a young woman named Ariel Moore for an expired plate on Stout street near Joy road on the city’s west side. 

After pulling her over, Steel asked the woman to get out because he was going to tow her vehicle. 

“Where it goes bad was when the officer makes the bad decision to make a Snapchat post,” said Chief Craig. 

Police say Moore was then forced to walk back to her home, which was a block away in extremely cold temperatures. Steele then posted the video of the woman walking with the caption “What black girl magic looks like” and “celebrating Black History Month”. 

On Thursday, Chief Craig said he launched an internal investigation and won’t tolerate posts like this. 

“On top of that, she’s walking on a very cold night, it’s dark and now in my view, she’s at harm’s way,” said Craig. 

Steel who works at the 6th Precinct has been at the department for over 18-years and has even trained other officers. 

“This is not what we expect from Detroit Police Officers,” said Chief Craig. 

Record show Steel has been charged in 2008 for brutally attacking and torturing his girlfriend. Sources say several years before that, Steele also shot at a car for stopping while he was directing traffic. 

These past incidents have now made Craig question past leadership. 

“His history is troubling,” said Chief Craig. “I think after reviewing his history there’s a pattern and I am concerned about that pattern.”

Craig says his only comfort now is that more and more officers are reporting their peers and even their superiors. Steele’s partner will be investigated as well.