Detroit police say woman lied about rape, home invasion

A Detroit neighborhood was put on high alert after a woman reported being raped and robbed in her home. 

But it turns out it never happened.  She made the whole thing up and is now facing charges.

James Maclin is not happy with his sister. 

"People don't tell the truth they have to suffer the consequences," he said.

Maclin said that after learning the 33-year old woman has been arrested for lying to police about being robbed and sexually assaulted at her west side Detroit home early Thursday morning.

"We probably have this whole neighborhood freaked out because they think people are walking around booting in doors," he said.

Just 24 hours earlier Maclin was on the news begging the public to help find the man, who his sister claimed kicked in her front door on Woodmont Street, raped her on the dining room table and then robbed her at gunpoint - stealing her ID, credit cards and $400 in cash.

The original story: Woman robbed, raped after hearing knock at her front door: police

"I figured it out yesterday," Maclin said. "I was trying to get her to come clean and tell us while we are all there."

It didn't take long for police to figure it out either. After interviewing the so-called victim, investigators realized she wasn't telling the truth. 

They also discovered she had a previous consensual sexual relationship with the man she was calling a suspect. They believe she had an argument with the man and then called police claiming she was raped.

On Friday afternoon, officers arrested the woman at her home for filing a false felony police report. Her brother James showed up to take her 1-year-old son home. He says he will care for the boy until she gets out of jail.

"I hate that this had to happen," he said. "But it could be the best thing for her right now. My sister is going through a lot. She's a single mother and going through a lot right now.

"Maybe going to jail (will be good for her) and understanding you can't say whatever what you want, because you are upset at a guy."

If convicted, she could be convicted to up to four years behind bars.