Detroit Police search for suspected serial rapist on NW side

A Detroit father tells FOX  2 a man forced his adult daughter and two friends into a car at a gas station at Fenkell and Schaefer. The father said the man took the women to a vacant garage on Monica street and raped all three of them. 

Marvin Jones with Detroit Police Sex Crimes says the department isn't 100% certain those crimes are connected.

"We are looking into that case now," Jones said. "There are some similarities in that case however some descriptions are off and we're working on that to see if we can piece all that together."

Over the weekend, activists were plastering the street with fliers while others, like a man we talked to named Chris, walked the streets undercover on Monday, searching for the man. He said he's taking the attack on women very personally.

"It's a reaction of disgust  I served overseas. I feel like this is domestic terrorism."

Porties says she's talked to two other women attacked. She said they are afraid to call police but they all say it's the same light-skinned man: about 5'10" to 6' tall, 275 pounds, carrying a revolver, and police say looking for victims of opportunity. Porties said even though he's protecting his identity, he has a desire to get caught.

"I feel like a part of him wants to get caught because he's out of control," Porties said.

Detroit police are looking for a 2015 white Ford Fusion or Ford Taurus. They ask anyone with information, or potential victims, to call police or crime stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.