Detroit Police seek hit and run driver who ran down woman with Corvette

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It was supposed to be a date night at Cliff Bell's in downtown Detroit.

But before she ever set foot in the club, she was hit by a Corvette. She is alright now but the video is hard to watch.

"We saw the same Corvette whip around the corner and he said watch out - but it was too late," said Kristen Forbing.

Kristen Forbing says watching the video of herself being hit by a Corvette isn't easy. 

"I can't believe I'm alive," she said. "I'm just living every day now, thankful to be alive."

She knows how lucky she is to escape with a chipped tooth and a deep bruise to the shoulder. 

"(It) propelled me onto the car," she said. "I was smashed in-between the cars and then on the ground."

It was June 7th, she planned to meet someone on Park and Elizabeth downtown - date night at Cliff Bell's Jazz Club. 

"He said you wait for me." she said. "I will park the car."

He parks and calls her over.

"'I don't have $10 for parking; do you have cash?' I said no problem."

Seconds later, a dark grey Corvette with tinted windows and a temporary plate comes barreling towards her. 

"The fact that she is whipping around corners, trying to be cool in a corvette is just ridiculous," said Forbing.

The impact broke the side mirror of the Corvette. Police reviewed video and say woman dressed in grey on video is the suspect behind the wheel of the hit and run vehicle. 

"It was an accident," Forbing said. "I have no ill feelings against her but when you doing something so badly you have to own up for what you've done."

The victim says she passed the Corvette earlier that night parked near the Rusted Crow Bar. Anyone who knows who that person is, should call police.