Detroit police: We are not going to stop until Lawrence Davis is caught

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Detroit police zeroed in on a west side duplex Friday night.

Their Special Response Team aided in what they call a 'high risk' search warrant. 

"It is for our officers' safety as well as the safety of the public," said Cmdr. Darin Szilagy. "These vehicles are armored, our officers wear armor, we don't want anyone to get hurt."

The manhunt for 23-year-old Lawrence Davis led investigators near Livernois and Davison Friday evening. They used tear gas before going in - a search of every floor but no sign of Davis anywhere. 

"I would like Mr. Davis to know and his family to know, listen - this is going to continue going on," Szilagy said. "We are going to work non-stop until we catch this offender."

The scene is just blocks from the gas station where Davis allegedly beat to death 24-year-old Tyler Wingate Monday morning.  Police say the two got into a minor traffic crash. When Wingate got out of his car, surveillance video shows Davis punching and kicking him until he died. He then ran off. 

"This is senseless, this was a car accident," Szilagy said. "It was an accident. Insurance companies pay for accidents; you shouldn't have to pay with your life. 

"So now there has to be justice, turn yourself in, Mr. Davis."

Wingate was laid to rest Friday. His family spoke to FOX 2 earlier this week. They told us he had just moved to Detroit from Berkley and was just starting his life in the city. 

"None of us are holding up well at the moment," said Jason Wingate, Tyler's brother. "We may piece it together here and there but deep inside we are all truly broken."


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The Wingates are hoping Davis sees the damage he's done to their family - and turns himself in.

"Lawrence James Davis I am now speaking directly to you," Jason said. "We know you are out there and we know you are watching. And I want you to see the damage you have done not only to my family but the community itself."

Detroit police urging the same. 

"We have to bring this man into custody," Szilagy said. "And this activity is not going to stop until this family gets justice."