Detroit Public Schools Foundation crowdfunding for school needs

While many Detroit Public School students graudate with four years of hard work, it only took Joevell Arnold three.

"I just took a lot of classes, eight classes per year for three years," he said.

It was that plus extra credits to graduate early -- he's on his way to big things. In fact, this summer, he'll be an intern at Microsoft. Images of successful, smart and driven young Detroiters like Joevell needs to be seen more.  

"They only read the headlines and they hear the news reports and sometimes those reports are not positive but there's so much positive going on inside of the district right now. (Dr. Nikolai Vittii) is bringing back the arts, music, physical education into every school. He's trying his best to get these teachers compensated with the pay that they deserve," said Pamela Moore, Detroit Public Schools Foundation CEO.

Detroit Public Schools Foundation is holding a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the district. That money will support athletics, fine art, and after school programs and summer camps -- the things all kids deserve.

"It helps them get books, it helps them get a better education for the future. It helps kids grow, and help kids learn from educators," Joevell said.  

"We have this event on Thursday at Bert's, where you're going to hear our kids play jazz, you can dance, you can have fun after work and then we're having our culminating event at Eastern market but in the meantime we need everyone to go to our website and donate."

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