Detroit Public Schools fraud scandal fallout

The fallout from the Detroit Public Schools corruption case is the subject tonight.

How could so many principals allegedly cheat their students and betray parents?  And how could the scandal delay and change the state's bailout of DPS which is now under consideration in Lansing.

And it was just last month that we celebrated the kindness of talk show host Ellen Degeneres giving Spain Elementary and Middle School more than half a million dollars in donations. gift cards for the teachers and money to fix the roof, computers, and a lot more.

Only to find out a few weeks later, that the principal, Ronald Alexander, seen smiling and laughing that day, is now facing charges of taking bribes and cheating the children he was supposed to serve.

You will hear from parents, teachers and lawmakers on the $12.3 million scandal.

Part 1 panel

Yolanda Peoples, a parent of a Spain Middle School student.

Shoniqua Kemp, a parent of a Detroit Osborne High School student.

Erika Jones, a teacher at Cass Tech High School and sickout activist.

Chastity Pratt Dawsey, former Detroit Free Press reporter and writer for Bridge Magazine.

Part 2 panel:

Rep. Pat Somerville (R-New Boston)

Lamar Lemmons, Detroit school board member

Rep. Harvey Santana (D-Detroit)

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton takes the show on the road to see what residents of Detroit have to say about the DPS scandal.