Detroit Rescue Mission issues statement about power outage

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Homeless people at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministry’s tossed out after the power goes out. 

Some were told that they can’t re-open until Tuesday. Some who were trying to get in say they weren't even allowed to get what little belongings they had. 

"You got all these people staying in the 90-day program for housing, staying in the dorm upstairs but why we gotta go, how we gonna go to another shelter when we're residents at this shelter," Raymond Taylor said. 

Some people are angry at the shelter the way they are treating its residents. 

"The only thing they are allowed to have is what they had when they left earlier, they are being informed when they walk to the door that they can't get back in, I just don't understand where humanity has gone," Charmine Ellis said.

"Why would you put a homeless person whose already homeless back in the street, where we gonna go until Tuesday?" Ed Williams said.

Detroit Rescue Mission President and CEO Dr. Chad Audi has released a statement regarding their power outage. 

"Like many energy consumers in this region, our male shelter on Third Street Detroit is unfortunately experiencing power outage that has resulted in the interruption of regular services to homeless clients at that location. 

But we wasted no time in using our transportation to convey willing shelter clients to our other male shelter on Woodward Avenue, the Oasis.

Given the applicable laws and regulations,the exercise had to be voluntary, and those who agreed to relocate to Oasis are currently enjoying our regular services there. 

As for those who regrettably went back to the streets on their own volition, we strongly hope they would come back to DRM as soon as DTE Energy restores power, because we will resume normal services there without any delay.

It remains our policy not to turn anybody who needs our services away."