Detroit rescues say animal control has been asking residents to watch stray dogs

When a teen called Detroit Animal Care and Control about a stray dog in her neighborhood, the animal control officer apparently asked her family to keep the dog in their backyard and did not tell them when they may be back to get it.

"Apparently animal control responded and secured the dog but said they couldn't take the dog because the shelter was full," said Theresa Sumpter, with Detroit Pit Crew. "We don't know the temperament of that dog – if it's scared, if it might hurt someone."

Animal control eventually came to get the dog after Detroit Pit Crew put pressure on them and called the incident a misunderstanding. However, Sumpter said it wasn't the first time it has happened.

"A stray dog that was being held at a residence house got into a fight with a resident's dog and now one of the dogs is injured," she said.

The call about that fight came during her interview with FOX 2 for this story.

"The No. 1 function of animal control should be public safety and that means taking care of strays," said Kristina Rinaldi, with Detroit Dog Rescue. "You simply cannot ask the people of Detroit to take this on."

Detroit Animal Control Director Mark Kumpf said they are over capacity and find creative solutions to make room and avoid putting animals to sleep.

"We only have so much room at the inn, and when we reach that capacity, we have to do our best to find ways to move animals through the system," "What we want folks to do is look for the positives. I positively know we have great dogs available for adoption at the ACC. We have wonderful pets that will make great additions to people's family, and we just need people to step up and come see us like they have."