Detroit school closures discussed at town hall meeting

Some Detroit parents, students and activists continue the fight to keep their schools open. Dozens of schools could be on the chopping block due to low academic performance.

The potential closings were discussed Thursday night at a town hall meeting. Several showed up to discuss the potential effects on the children and the community if the schools close.

"The state has to step up and do something to save our schools. They have to do something to help with curriculum, with funding. They're taking funding; they're cutting funding; they need to put all of that money back into the schools," Tiffany Tilley, political director of the 14th Congressional District, says.

The state has identified 24 schools in Detroit that ranked in the bottom 5 percent statewide for at least three straight years. Many say years of emergency management from the state did the district more harm than good.

The Michigan Department of Education says Detroit officials plan to voluntarily close some of the 24 schools by January but it's not clear which ones or how many.