Detroit state Rep Brian Banks charged with felonies from 2010 loan

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State Representative Brian Banks was arraigned on felony charges, accused of using bogus pay stubs to get a loan before he was elected.

Banks (D-Detroit) represents the people of Detroit. But on Wednesday he stood before a judge for alleged crimes that happened in 2010.

In fact the timing of this case has his attorney asking what is really going on.

"The one word is ridiculous," said Ben Gonek "It's clearly a political witch hunt."

The current state rep and leader of the delegation is accused of making up a job and salary to get a loan from a credit union - a felony charge.

"There is no victim in the case," Gonek said. "Representative Banks paid back the money nearly three years ago."

Gonek says he's not sure these charges are even legal, questioning if too much time has passed.

"I have to look at the discovery because it may be well beyond the statute of limitations," said Gonek.

Banks is currently fighting to keep his seat for a third term in the Michigan House.

The primaries are August 2. Leaving his colleague and fellow representative of Detroit to wonder if this is all an effort to derail his campaign in favor of other candidates.

"I'm proud and honored to call him my colleague," said Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D-Detroit). "And we know we are going to beat this politically driven charges brought against him."

In addition to three forgery charges, Banks is also looking at a habitual offender charge. If convicted, it could mean more time in prison. His attorney seems convinced it won't come to that.

"A judge when they look at a person,  looks at what they are doing now with their life - and what Representative Banks is doing now is pretty exemplary," Gonek said.

Banks is a convicted felon, however according to his attorney those last charges happened over 12 years ago. If convicted of these new felonies, he could spend up to live in prison.

Rep. Brian Banks felony complaint