Detroit teacher raises money to buy coats for students

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Consuelo Brewer is a teacher at Detroit Public School's Drew Transition Center, and she is making a difference in more ways than one.

“Everyone should have that basic need of a coat,” said Brewer, then broke down in tears. 

Brewer noticed that many of her students either didn't have coats or gloves or that they were just plain old. Instead of getting Christmas and birthday gifts this past holiday, she asked her family and friends to make donations so she could keep her students warm during the winter months.

“I asked my friends and family to make my birthday wish come true and let these kids have coats when we come back to school. Within a matter of days – we started December 11th and January 5th it was funded. There you have it,” said Brewer.

On Thursday, and over $17,000 dollars later, Brewer distributed 150 winter coats, gloves, and hats to students.

“Thank you for the coats, I appreciate it,” said a student.

That generosity is immeasurable for those students and their parents.

“We’ve has some phenomenal teachers and some great therapists and the DPS community as a whole. My husband and I are very pleased,” said Minnie Nix, a parent. “The community needs to know that good things like this are happening at DPS. There are teachers and administrative staff who are very concerned about our children. I’m very pleased with DPS.”