Detroit teen who shot police outside home by accident, goes to jail

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The Detroit teen who pleaded guilty to shooting through windows of his home at two Detroit police officers by accident has been sentenced to two years’ probation and 90 days in jail.

Juwan Plummer was in tears on Wednesday as he hugged his loved ones and said his goodbyes before he was sent to jail Wednesday.

He admitted that he accidentally shot two Detroit Police officers earlier this year when he thought someone was breaking into his home. Plummer, now 20, did not know it was Detroit officers on his front porch, responding to a 911 call about a burglary just before midnight April 16.

"I just hope that the officers are okay and that they understand this terrible situation and I am so sorry," Plummer said in court.

Many in the community rallied to Plummer's defense and the judge sentenced him to two years’ probation with the first 90 days in the Wayne County Jail. He also must complete a gun safety class and cannot be in possession of a gun. If he completes his probation with a clean record, he won't have a felony conviction on his record.

"I think everybody understands that you were not acting maliciously; you had no intention of injuring a police officer," Judge Michael Hathaway said. "We have a case where there is just no good outcome."

Hathaway told Plummer that his actions could have killed the Detroit police officers while the prosecutor reminded the court that three officers have lost their lives in the city of Detroit while in the line of duty in the past year.

Assistant Prosecutor Sarah Deyoung also said many other officers have been shot or shot at and that this sentence sends the wrong message.

"We feel that it is making the officers accountable for the reckless actions of Juwan Plummer that night," she said. "Your honor, this kind of treatment sends a message to the law enforcement that we don't value what they're doing."

One of the officers was grazed by the bullet; the other was hit in the neck and face and had his jaw wired shut.

Plummer says he's sorry for what happened that night.

"I hope the officers and their families understand that the violence in our neighborhoods, the violence in our communities, the situations that happen in our homes, caused this terrible accident to happen," he said. "I would never want to take a hard-working man's life - especially away from their family - I really hope they understand that."