Detroit Tigers honor Ron Savage's memory with custom jersey

It's been almost five weeks since we lost our dear friend Ron savage to a massive heart attack, and one thing we all learned after his passing was how much Ron did for others without ever saying a word.

The Detroit Tigers honored his memory with a special tribute Friday with a custom jersey bearing his name at his number: 47.

"I was awestruck when I saw that. It's humbling and it's an honor all in one," said Chief Tom Moore of the Milford Fire Department.

The Tigers also gave out some game tickets as memories of Ron Savage come flooding back.

Chief agreed with Fox 2's Erika Erickson that we keep learning more stories about Ron as time goes on.

"How many more are out there that we don't know about this guy? This is one, and they're all great stories," Moore said.

Detroit Tigers Vice President of Communications Ron Colangelo said Ron was a huge Tigers fan.

"We've really gotten to know Ron, I would say the last 8 or 9 years in a fanatic basis, which is great," he said.

Colangelo says it's about this time -- just a week before opening day in the D -- when Ron Savage would reach out to find out what festivities were planned.

"It's when Ron would really get excited and he would appreciate it," he said.

As the team would take time to go out into the community each January, it's a special moment back in 2009 that Colangelo recalls.

"He made it happen. We had players go into the training center in Detroit. And the players put on all the gear that you need to go into a fire," he said.

Ron would cover opening day for Fox 2, his booming voice always echoing through the crowd of loud Tigers fans.

"And the next thing you know, he's grabbing fans, 'How we gonna do this year?' I mean, he's pumping the fans up," Moore said.

They’re planning to hang number 47 in the main corridor of the Milford Fire Department, right next to a memorial flag made by another member in Ron's honor.

"He'll never disappear from us. He'll always be here," Moore said.

Thinking of Ron's constant smile when talking about his Tigers, what better way to celebrate the life of Ron Savage than in the city, and with the team and fans he always loved.

"I'm going to take his memory to a ball game right after Opening Day. That's how I'm going to do it. I'm going to sit there and cheer for the team that he loved, and that I love, and that's how I'm gonna do it," Moore said.