Detroit vs Everybody store has $60K in merchandise stolen in break-ins

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It's Detroit vs Everybody vs. a trio of thieves after some bandits broke into the store in Eastern Market this weekend.

Looking at all the damage to his back door, Detroit vs Everybody owner Tommey Walker says he felt betrayed and disheartened.

"We have been terrorized, victimized. It seems we've been targeted," he said.

The company has seven stores throughout metro Detroit, including a location on Russell in Detroit's Eastern Market that's been around for five years. 

But the popular clothing brand has become the preferred brand for thieves. They've experienced two major break-ins in just two weeks. Walker says the latest happened around 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

"I woke up around 4 a.m. and I looked at my surveillance cameras and saw (the) Eastern Market (cameras) were down,"

Rushing to the store and alerting Detroit police, Walker pulled up video footage from about eight cameras. He says he first spotted a man covering up his face with a box, then the camera.

"We also saw about $30,000 worth of inventory had been taken this time," he said.

Walker says the men got in through the back door by breaking it, the same way a few thieves got in a couple of weeks ago.

"The first time they broke down our scissor-gate we put in for this measure," Walker said.

Walker's company lost over $60,000 worth of merchandise in those two break-ins alone.

"I think they're working together, just because of how the break-ins have been happening, the timeframe and what they took," Walker said.

It's not just these break-ins that Walker worries about. He says groups of younger men have been seen stealing while the store is open. He says in a few of the thefts, it almost appeared the men were filling orders, certain colors and sizes.

"Someone will talk to a sales associate while another person goes to another area and packs their coat," Walker said.

Tightening security once again and planning to install a steel door, Walker is now hoping someone out there recognizes these guys. 

"We need the assistance of the city of Detroit to keep a look out and keep us safe," he said.

Although deeply disappointed, Walker is feeling confident that they'll quickly bounce back.

"We're going to do it. We're just like the brand Detroit vs Everybody," Walker said. "We are going to prevail through this. We're not going to stop."