Detroit water main break floods street

A Detroit neighborhood was flooded with water gushing from the ground causing a dangerous mess.

When residents called the city for help they were told they'd have to wait for a week.

The situation was so bad our FOX 2 photographer was nearly swallowed up - by a sinkhole.

"I was taking a nap, I looked up and there was a flood," said one resident.

A flood because a water main busted in Rosedale Park, on the city's northwest side.  It should be an easy fix but ...

"They're off tomorrow, and they're off for the holiday," said resident Annette Savage. "(They said) sometime next week.

They could see a massive flood.  And by then, it but it could be dangerous.  

And it got  worse for Fox 2's photographer John Bruzewski.

"Just as I walked onto the grass towards the barricade, I went through the grass - up to my neck," Bruzewski said. "

A few strategic calls, hyping the sympathy for our photographer, and a few hours later.

FOX 2: Are you guys going to fix this thing?

"It's going to be fixed," said a city worker. "It will be fixed today."

And sure enough with a couple of turns, a little digging, and quick reaction from the city, Rosedale Park did not become "Rosedale River."