Detroit woman charged with harboring leader of Victory Inn drug and sex ring

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A fugitive's girlfriend charged with a drug and sex ring - allegedly run at the notorious Victory Inn on Michigan Avenue in Detroit.

Federal agents arrested Lena Sled from Detroit on Friday, she's charged with concealing a person from arrest and the laundering of money instruments.

Sled has known Darrick Bell, the alleged mastermind this drug and sex trafficking ring at the Victory Inn for more than 20 years. Investigators say she's admitted to handling his finances and renting out a room to him but lied about how she had recently been in contact with him.

Investigators raided her home, and uncovered a flip phone that she allegedly had been using to contact Bell who has been on the run since Victory Inn was raided.

"The allegation is that she is a key defendant in the case," said an investigator. "We believe that she might be able to provide a critical next step in the case."

Darrick Bell, AKA "Tone" is still on the run. If you've seen him, please contact the Department of Homeland Securities Immigration and Custom Enforcement hotline, 1-866-DHS-2-ICE or the U.S. Marshals hotline at (313) 234-5656.