Detroit woman records stranger taking photos of her home

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A woman finds a stranger taking photos outside her home. He claims to work for the landlord.

Now there are questions about what he was really doing there. There are questions because the landlord says they have no idea who this guy is. That's why a mother of four is so concerned she caught a man taking pictures around her home. 

"He was just out here, he came on this side of the house snapping pictures," Shyaira Fikes said. "(He) came on the other side, snapping pictures and I'm like, that's not right."

So the first thing Fikes did, was pull out her cell phone. She began recording the unfamiliar man who was circling her Detroit house on Lauder on Monday.

"In Detroit to me, that looks like you are scoping out a house, like you want to steal something out of it," she said. "But I'm not sure."

So she asked him what he was doing.

"I asked who are you, why are you taking pictures of my home," she said. "(He said) I'm the new property manager. He gave me his card."

Get a good look at his guys face - because it turns out, he's not a new property manager.

Shyaira and her fiancé called their landlord right away who was aware of what this picture taker was doing.

"They are telling everyone who stays with us he is going around trying to get people to think he is with us, he is not," she said. "They told me he is not affiliated with us. I was like you guys need to do something else or I feel like I need to let people be aware."

FOX 2 was unable to get ahold of the landlord but they told Fikes there is no new property manager and they believe he is taking pictures of this house and others they rent out in hopes of pulling off a landlord scam.  Possibly promising to rent out a house that doesn't belong to them.

This man had a business card of some sort and she gave it to the landlord but management said it has its own investigation underway.