Detroit woman says loose pit bull killed her dog in front of her house

A Detroit woman is heartbroken after her Poodle was attacked and killed by a loose pit bull on the city's west side.

"The dogs down the street came and attacked my puppy. My son heard her screaming, and said, ‘Ma, they got Khloe,’" said Jacqulyn Clark.

As we sat with Clark on her front porch, she described the dog attack which killed her pet Khloe Monday morning. It happened several feet away from where we sat.

Jacqulyn says her son let the poodle out to use the bathroom on the front lawn when a pitbull, from several houses down, charged at it.

FOX 2: "How are you feeling right now?"

"I’m totally tore up. I’m hurt," she said. "I had that dog for 13 years."

Jacqulyn says she doesn’t want money - but is speaking up because she wants to keep the children safe on her block.

When FOX 2 went to the 8400 block of Asbury Park, the street was relatively quiet, but we saw kids playing in their front yards.

"Keep your dogs locked up, ma’am because next time it’s going to be somebody’s child," said Jacqulyn Clark.

FOX 2 learned the pitbull is doing a 10-day rabies quarantine at home with its owner.

Detroit Animal Control is investigating and says neither dog was licensed.

Animal control is urging pet owners to keep their dogs on a leash when they’re outside.