Detroit woman to challenge Mike Duggan in mayoral race

Though Detroit's next mayoral election is still more than a year out, one Detroit native is already throwing her hat into the race to challenge Mike Duggan.

It was just three years ago that Duggan and Benny Napoleon -- two of the biggest names in Detroit politics -- ran for mayor. As of today, only one person officially wants the job.

"I heard this from the Lord. When I hear, I'm obedient and I move," said Devonna Harvey.

Harvey has an accounting degree and a master's degree and worked for GM and AAA. She's currently looking for a job, but that's not why she's running for mayor.

"I live on a street that floods every time it rains. So things like that. I know that there are some things being done but there are things that people need right now in their neighborhoods. I live on a street where there's a school that's abandoned and it's been abandoned for a long time," she said.

Duggan held a fundraiser last week but Matt Helms of the Detroit Free Press reported that Harvey is the only candidate officially running for mayor.

"Here I am, I'm the change," she said.

Harvey says she's not running to beat Duggan.

"I actually think he's been doing a pretty good job," she said.

But she brings a different perspective to the race.

"I think there are people that feel left out right now and those people count, and they matter. ... What we see a lot of is downtown being fixed up and so that makes you think I don't live downtown. A lot of the people I've talked to don't live downtown," she said.

No one from Duggan's fundraising operation would go on camera but sent the following statement:

"As Mayor Duggan has previously stated, he will make a decision about running for re-election by the end of the year. The Detroit mayor's race has always been hotly contested and we don't anticipate that will be any different next year."

Whatever Duggan decides, Harvey says she's not going anywhere.

"I'm an ordinary person -- like I said before -- an ordinary person that can do extraordinary things just like the other people of the City of Detroit," she said.