Detroit woman's house destroyed after speeding SUV crashes through living room

A Jeep Grand Cherokee went careening into a family's living room off McLellan near Gratiot minutes after they left the room. If you think the outside damage is bad - wait until you see inside.  

"It is just sad to see all we lost," said homeowner Tiffany Marshall.  

Marshall's living room is a debris pile for a week now.  

"We had this thing made with my brother's ashes in it. It's all broken up," said Marshall.  

She'll tell you it could have been worse, her elderly mother just left the front room, for bed last Friday when the out-of-control - likely speeding driver crashed.

"My mother could have been in this living room," Marshall said. "And that is the only thing that keeps flashing through my head is that I could have died," she said.

It hit with immense force leaving two floors destroyed.  

"It just was like skkkerrr boom and everything jerked," she said. "Screws flew into the walls."

Three people were inside the Cherokee and were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. There have been no arrests, yet.   

It was just a matter of time, Marshall said. Two times, her yard has been a crash pad for drivers. She's at the end of Shoemaker and right near Gratiot.  

"When is the speeding going to stop, they get in the middle of Gratiot it's every day," she said.  

Marshall says the city of Detroit can't put in speed bumps because of a nearby firehouse because barriers are an option.  

"We asked for barriers before," Marshall said. "They said $200 per barrier and I said why do we have to pay for it?" 

What she can't escape is a $5,000 insurance deductible for repairs. Marshall said she doesn't know what to do next.  

"We are paranoid. The house is going to get fixed but we need some protection," she said.