Detroit Zoo gearing up for summer with world-class aviary

From the Red-Billed leiothrix to the Speckled mousebird, there's no shortage of birds to awe at at the Detroit Zoo Aviary.

"Most people when they come, they're expecting to see lots of wonderful animals. They don't necessarily know that we're saving animals all over the world," said Ron Kagan, CEO of the Detroit Zoo.

Those conservation efforts stretch from northern Michigan to the Falkland Islands. Recently, the curator of the zoo received an award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for work done with the Piping Plover and their rescue.

"...we are doing health assessments and trying to understand some of the challenges of birds in the wild," said Kagan.

The big difference here is that these birds aren't in the wild. Safe from the predators that would hunt them, visitors will be glad to know they can visit the zoo anytime of the year. Granted, the aviary is more climate controlled.

"It is very warm. For those cold days, which seem to go on forever, this is a great place to be. It's not only our indoor warm area, but it is quite beautiful." said Kagan. 

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