Detroit Zoo-inspired dress pulls from iconic water tower design

The Detroit Zoo's iconic animal march on its water tower can now be found on a new fashion line.

Inspired by the silhouettes of rhinos, giraffes, lions, and apes that are painted around the tower, clothing brand Svaha USA now has its own tribute to the Detroit Zoo.

"In contrast to some of our more complex recent designs, this time we’re going with something a bit more simple but no less stunning," read the description of the Animal Silhouette Rachel Dress. "Inspired by the Detroit Zoo's iconic water tank, we’ve gathered up a handful of our favorite African animals, marching along to the beat of their own drum, set against the fading twilight of a violet-hued sunset."

The dress shows exactly that, according to the brand's website.

The dress is available for purchase for $69.99. There is also a kid's version of the dress that's for sale for $29.99.

According to the company's website, the brand was founded by Jaya Iyer after she spotted a need for clothing with a bit of a twist after she couldn't find anything that fit her daughter's interest in astronomy. 

"When Jaya went shopping, she was shocked to find that there wasn’t a single girl’s astronaut shirt, or for that matter, any science or technology-themed clothes for girls!" read's the About Us section.

After a kickstarter campaign raised $30,000, Iyer saw the popularity for clothing with a STEAM inspiration was growing. The company now has plenty of clothing options that stretch the imagination of what can be used in women's clothing.