Detroiters weigh in on potential soccer stadium

As county commissioners study the Dan Gilbert plan to build a jail and a soccer stadium on the site of this current jail, Detroiters are deciding how they feel about it.

The mayor of Detroit is saying he doesn't care where the soccer stadium is built -- just build it.

FOX 2 spoke with Mayor Mike Duggan to get his thoughts on making the Motor City a soccer town.

"We are confident we have other viable sites for the soccer stadium if this site doesn't work out," he said.

But not everyone shares the mayor's love for soccer -- at least in Detroit.

"I love soccer and I wouldn't mind seeing it, but we have enough stadiums already," said Kevin Gzik.

DeVonne Boyes says she wants to finish constructing the jail.

"We already put money into it. And we don't know if we'll have to double pay for it or what," she said.

She has a point with the money. Reportedly, taxpayers have already spent about $151 million, but the Gilbert $1 billion mixed-use plan, with a 23,000-seat soccer arena, is appealing to others with some questions. 

"Money is good for him as long as he is helping the City of Detroit. So what is he doing with the extra funds? Is he just building this jail so that way he can incorporate putting our black men in it? Or is he actually building a soccer field so he can encourage them to get jobs?" said Malinda Hall.

"Detroit is the largest market in America that does not have an MLS team," Duggan said.

If the soccer stadium is not built here, the county has people ready to build a jail.

Dan Gilbert would like an answer by the county by the end of the month so he can start building and play the first game by 2020. 

"People will come from all over the world to come to Detroit. It will be huge," Ricardo Copeland said.