Detroit's Dexter Grinds coffee shop broken into by suspect caught on camera

Get a good look at this guy caught on camera after breaking into the Dexter Grinds Coffee shop on Detroit's west side.

It happened last week, but the burglary did not become known until yesterday.

Pastors Clete Bontrager and Charles Bovan are from Restore Church, which owns the coffee shop. It has become a hub and community gathering spot for the Russell Woods and Dexter Linwood neighborhoods.

They say the man got into the shop by scaling a wall and getting through a double bolted second floor door secured, or so they thought, by a pair of two by fours.

And once inside he cleared out the register, stole an iPad and helped himself to a gallon of ice cream and vanilla wafers. 

Pastor Clete found an empty carton in the back and an empty box so apparently he took his time, ate a little, relaxed, and then took off from there.
Dexter grinds has been closed since March because of the COVID-19 shutdown.  The break-in dealt yet another blow.

Even so, Restore Church has been able to raise close to $30,000 to help members and families in the neighborhood hard hit by the pandemic.

If you have any information please contact The Detroit police 10th Precinct (313) 596-1000 or Restore Church with this email: EMAIL@RESDETROIT.ORG