Detroit's Ford Field to hold election equipment

The 2020 election season has already been one unlike any that we've ever experienced and with millions voting from home this year, Detroit's Ford Field will likely host thousands of ballots waiting to be counted after election day.

While the 65,000-seat stadium has been mostly empty this fall, it will be used to help make sure the democratic process is safe and secure in Detroit this year through a partnership with the Lions.

Detroit Lions Spokesperson Ellen Trudell said the team and Ford Field were the first NFL team to lend support to the election.

"The Lions have always been a trailblazers in the field of social justice," Trudell said. "(We're) actually giving all of our staff a paid holiday off if they'd like to volunteer as a poll worker either at their local poll or at Ford Field on election night."

Ford Field is going to host seven of Detroit's twelve election boards on election night.

Election workers will deliver counted ballots to Ford Field after the polls close. Election boards are independent and Ford Field will keep the ballots and election equipment secure in case they are needed to be counted after Election Day. 

"We're going to be housing roughly 280 of Detroit's precincts' ballots," said Trudell.

All told, that's more than half of all of Detroit's registered voters.

While Ford Field is hosting ballots, it is NOT where you vote. You vote at drop boxes and other clerk offices which you can find information about here.

Ford Field will preserve the counted ballots but players want to remind you it's important to get out and vote.

"Our players are relatable to fans and people all of the country and Michigan frankly so it's a great opportunity to use our platform in that way," Trudell said.