Detroit's Harmonie Park to get multi-million dollar makeover

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A multi-million dollar investment in a Detroit park and surrounding neighborhood is paying off.

A change is in the works for Detroit's Harmonie Park area.

"We have five buildings and two lots and the real goal is to figure out how to turn these back over to the private sector," says Rodrick Miller of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation.

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation wants the redevelopment of Harmonie Park to honor the legacy of Paradise Valley, which is also known as Black Bottom. Black Bottom is an area that housed black owned businesses but was demolished for redevelopment.

"We are calling on developers from around the city and country to take a look at the opportunities and come up with proposals for housing, restaurants and music venues," says Miller.

Ismil Houmai already has a business housed in Harmonie Park but wants to submit a proposal to expand.

"The concept I have is very unique. Cigar bar, private club and I want to expand the concept," says Houmani, owner of LaCasa Cigars and Lounge.

Officials say if you have an idea that you believe will work in Harmonie Park you don't have to have deep pockets to submit a proposal.

"If you are a small business you may be able to partner with other small business and developers," says Miller.

This woman who works in Harmonie Park says she excited about what's to come.

"I'm down here 7 days a week and it is great," says Michele who works in Harmonie Park.

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