Detroit's Majestic Theatre to go through $1 million renovation

One of Detroit's landmark theater's is getting a million dollar renovation - and it is much more than a facelift.

Midtown's Majestic Theatre is 105 years old. It's time, says co-owner David Zainea.

"The timing is right in the city of Detroit with the synergy going on and with the activity. And also we have a booking deal with AEG who will commit to so many concerts a year."

Concerts are the bread and butter for the theater and before the renovation is even complete, they're seeing an increase in bookings.

"We book 40 events or bands a year. It's going to expand to over 100."

The million dollar expansion includes a newly expanded lobby, new facade, new theatre and a new look, overall.

"The marquee is going to represent what it looked like in the 1930's," Zainea said.

The theater will also sound newer than ever before.

"The new curtains that are hanging out here - we're going to eliminate those and acoustically treat the room," he said.

Make no mistake, the historic building will still maintain its place in history thanks to the rock and roll legends and entertainers who have graced the stage.

The theater has been on the frontlines of innovations before - it was one of the first music venues anywhere to have air conditioning. Kinda.

"It was dry ice in the basement and they these big blower fans and they would blow it up through these chambers," Zainea said.

The theater will stay open during renovations - which are expected to take six months to a year to complete.