Detroit's Most Wanted: Hunt for person who shot 9-year-old boy

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The shooting happened on April 1st shortly before 3:00 p.m. in the 15000 block of Murray Hill near Fenkell on Detroit's west side. Malik Cosey was in a parked vehicle in the driveway waiting for his grandmother to take him and his cousins to see a movie, when he was shot.

"It hurts me every day to know the people are still out there and I can be next to them in a car and don't know who they are. My son could still be outside playing, riding his bike, and people are still walking on the streets free,” said Ciera Milo, Malik’s mother.

Detroit Police are reaching out to the public once again, hoping that someone has information on the triggerman in the Malik Cosey case. Right now, police only have a vague description. Surveillance footage shows the vehicle investigators say the suspect or suspects drove in the area of Murray Hill moments before the shooting.

"There were one, possibly two other young men who were the intended targets of the shooting that have not come forth yet," said Detective Trooper Darrin Grandison, Michigan State Police.

Detective Grandison says one of those intended targets ran in the direction of the car Malik Cosey and his cousins were in – leading to the little boy being shot in one of his eyes.

For many reasons, it’s important for those intended targets to come forward.

"It's important if they were the intended target once they may be a target again. We need to stop this before these other people possibly get hurt and other innocent victims as well. They can shed light on the shooter or shooters who are responsible for hurting Malik."

Malik Cosey just turned 10-years-old in June. As you can imagine, he continues to recover both physically and mentally.

"He's still jumpy a lot. He jumps in his sleep. His 4th of July did not go too well because of the fireworks. Any pop noise, he's jumpy," said Milo.

"Next month, he's getting ready to get his prosthetic eye from the eye he lost. It's like he doesn't have any problem with his eye, it's just that, he still has scars there that will always remind him of what happened."

The only way for this family to move forward is by police capturing those responsible.

"The faster, the better for me - the better for Malik. That way he can put this to ease and know the persons are locked up. That's all he wants."

As always, if you have any information on this case, give the Detroit Police or Crime Stoppers a call at 1-800-Speak-Up. You will remain anonymous.