Detroit's 'Mother Mozelle' celebrates her 105th birthday

A special celebration happened Wednesday evening in Detroit. Mozelle Williams turned 105 years old. She's known as Mother Mozelle. 

She celebrated her birthday May 2 at the Russell Street Missionary Baptist Church - where she's been a member for 78 years. 

"It is wonderful to see God work in 105-year-old Mother Mozelle. She is a blessing to our congregation and what I love about her, she's a teaching mother. She teaches us how to worship, she teaches us how to give our praise, and we are so grateful that she is a part of us," Pastor DeeDee Coleman told us. Russell Street Missionary Baptist Church is the oldest church on Detroit's north end, and it may come as no surprise that Mozelle is the congregation's oldest member. 

Mother Mozelle was married for several decades, and went to beauty school after she got married and worked as a hairdresser. She had a son and other family members with her at her big birthday celebration. 

She tells us she has a slower time getting around now, ever since she slipped and fell on some ice in the early '90s. She would've been in her late 70s then. 

As for what Mother Mozelle credits for her long life, she thinks her faith in God must have something to do with it.

"God is the answer. I don't know why he picked me but I thank him for letting me live to this age," she told us. 

Mother Mozelle says she feels great and she hopes to lives to 160 years old.